About Us

Innovative Shorts was founded in March 2012 when Erock Innovations and Narrow Road Studios came together to produce the short horror film Good Night My Sweet Prince. The company was designed to provide a common ground for the production studios to work together on numerous projects including short and feature length films and several other video projects. Soon afterward, we acquired our first “Big Screen” movie theater to offer cinema advertising opportunities to local businesses. Since then we have grown to many more movie theaters throughout Michigan, and are expanding our reach to several other communities by now offering “Small Screen” advertising. Our small screens are digital signage monitors located in areas of congregation in local businesses such as grocery, hardware, pharmacy, shopping center, and other high-traffic locations. We began as a small business in a small town in Michigan and we understand the importance of working together with other small businesses in the communities we serve. Our goal is to provide businesses with non-traditional but effective alternatives for their marketing campaigns.

Innovative Shorts is proud to provide professional audio recording, production, and mastering services through one of its partnered companies, Narrow Road Communications. Narrow Road Communications specializes in producing the finest quality audio for any need. With more than 25 years of experience in radio and voice-talent work, Narrow Road Studios has the means to take on any task from studio recording, foley creation, or voice-talent work to audio sweetening, mastering, and disc printing.

Take the finest sounds and combine them with motion pictures and computer generated imagery which is provided by Erock Innovations, L.L.C. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of video production, Erock Innovations is equipped to handle large and small scale productions with high quality, high definition video equipment. From the early stages of pre-production planning, scheduling, casting, hiring crew, securing locations, and all other requirements to full production capabilities with lights, camera cranes, track and dollies and more to post-production editing, chroma-keying, dialogue replacement, CGI and animations, and more.